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    Three Pubs Walk

    Saturday 20th July

    Distance 15 miles, Circular Grade Moderate Start Time 10:30 Host Peter D Start Location RH56QQ

    Meeting point: Wotton Hatch Pub car park, Guildford Road, Wotton, Dorking, RH5 6QQ

    Organiser contact:


As the name of the walk suggests it will involve not just one but three pubs stops! Starting at the Wotton Hatch we will head up towards the North Downs Way taking in some stunning views before descending down to Abinger Hammer for a delightful packed lunch spot on the village green. Not all that long after we will have the first pub stop at the Volunteer Arms in the village of Sutton Abinger. We will then head towards the small hamlet of Friday Street for another optional pub stop at the Stephan Langton before heading to Leith Hill to admire more stunning views. At the end of the walk you have the option to stay for more drink plus food if you desire at the Wotton Hatch pub.

Our walk gradings

  • E


    Easy Walks are for anyone who does not have a mobility difficulty, a specific health problem or is seriously unfit. Suitable for pushchairs if they can be lifted over occasional obstructions. Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn.

  • L


    Leisurely Walks are for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience. May include unsurfaced rural paths.

  • M


    Moderate Walks are for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. May include some steep paths and open country, and may be at a brisk pace. Walking boots and warm waterproof clothing are highly recommended.

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    Strenuous Walks are for experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level. May include hills and rought country, and may be at a brisk pace. Walking boots and warm waterproof clothing are essential. People in doubt about their fitness are advised to contact the walk leader in advance.

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About our walks

Non-members are welcome to join us for 3 "trial" walks before deciding to join us. You don't need to book in advance - just turn up on the day.

All our walks are graded to give you an idea of what each one will be like. If you're unsure of your fitness level, try a short, easy walk first. It's better to find a walk too easy than to make yourself miserable and exhausted.

Please remember

  • Bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions.
  • Bring something to drink, even if the walk has a pub stop. On most full day walks you'll need to bring a picnic lunch. The walk details will show this.
  • If you wish to bring your dog on a walk, you must ask the walk leader in advance as some walks are not suitable for dogs.
  • Please arrive early so that the walk can start on time. We'll wait up to 10 minutes if you let us know you've been delayed en-route.

All our walks are led by SYW members. Please follow their instructions, don't walk ahead of them, and let them know if you decide to leave the walk before the end.

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