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SYW terms and conditions

Anyone is welcome to attend our walks and events, no matter their age. However our group is specifically aimed at people in their 20's and 30's, and was formed in order to give young people the opportunity to walk with like-minded people of similar age. If you're outside our target age bracket then you might prefer to try our sister group SAWW, which is aimed at the 35-55 age group, or one of the many area-based groups in Surrey.

Our walks and social events are public events. We may use photos taken at our events on our website, on third party websites or in other media. We will always seek permission from the photographer to publish their photos but since the events are public, we are not required to not seek the permission of everyone featured in the photo. If you don't want a photo of you to be used for these purposes then please let us know and we will do our best to comply with your wishes. However we cannot prevent a photographer from publishing their own personal photos on their own website or third party websites (eg. social media site). If you would like a photo to be removed from a third party's website over which we have no control, then you should contact that website or the photographer directly.

Please note that because we are a charity, we cannot include sponsored walks or other charity events on our programme.

The Ramblers' civil liability insurance gives organisers and members basic public liability cover, but this does not provide cover for cancellation, personal accident or transport (including car shares). If you want to be covered for this, you'll need to arrange your own insurance.

The Ramblers' civil liability insurance does not cover climbing. If you wish to partake in an event that requires climbing ropes or other technical equipment then you should arrange your own insurance.


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